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Автор Тема: Rules of the forum.kpda.ru  (Прочитано 42542 раз)
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« : 15 Декабря, 2009, 15:03:04 »

Rules of the forum.kpda.ru (basic revision)

Forum of SWD Embedded Systems (CBD BC) company is a public resource for communication between clients of our company and support staff, also for intercommunication all forum users interested in thematic scope of this forum. Any users agreed with the Rules of the CBD BC forum can participate in discussions on the forum.

Rules of the SWD Embedded Systems forum and control of it execution are being made up by the Administrators, Moderators and personnel of CBD BC. Knowing and executing this Rules is a compulsory condition to engage in a discussions on the forum. In case of breach of this condition, administration reserve the right to take in regard to the breakers any actions (up to removing an account) without additional comments.

1. Basics

1.1. Forum is post-modeated. Check messages for compliance with the rules of the forum carried out after them (messages) publication. This means that not all messages posted to the Forum meet the forum rules.

1.2. Administration reserves the right to move, edit and delete posts if they do not meet basic requirements and topics of this forum, or contrary to the moral and ethical principles and laws of Russia.

1.3. The Administration reserves the right at any time and without explanation close forum access to user to certain sections of the forum or the entire forum as a whole, if user has violated these rules.

1.4. Prohibited public discussion and evaluation of the forum administrations.

1.5. All participants of the message left on the forum, only reflect the views of their authors, the Administration does not bear responsibility for it, answering only to the level of discussion in general.

1.6. Register on the forum will automatically implies acceptance of the participants to follow these Rules in their entirety. Ignorance of the rules of the forum is an aggravating circumstance.

2. User registration

2.1. Unregistered users can not create topics or reply to messages of this forum.

2.2. During registration a user chooses a login and password.

2.3. Login may be present as the user name and nickname. This nickname should not contravene the norms of morality, human values and the laws of Russia, as well as to violate the interests of previously registered participants.

2.4. When you register you can configure your own signature (the text is automatically added to each message). Signature must follows next requirements: the lack of web links, a reasonable size. Signature should not contain calls to violence and violation of the RF legislation.

2.5. It is forbidden to use avatars (user images) that violate the moral, ethical or legal standards.

2.6. Each user can register on the forum only once. Registration of multiple accounts without agreeing with the administration of the forum is prohibited. In identifying such a violation all accounts registered to one user will be removed by the Administration forum.

3. Create topics and messages

3.1. Do not start a new topic, if it has already been discussed at the forum earlier. Otherwise, the new topic will be closed or connected to a pre-existing.

3.2. It is forbidden to create a new topic in the section are not suitable topics. Topics not relevant to the content section are transferred  by moderators to a suitable section or removed. Also prohibited the creation of new themes in several sections at once (crossposting).

3.3. Prohibited the creation of new topics, addressed to a specific forum participants. For personal communication, use private messages or other means of communication. In case of violation of this rule moderators have the right to remove the subject without warning.

3.4. The name of the topic should not be an excessive amount of CAPITAL LETTERS. It is forbidden to use the title topic pseudographic jewelry. Title of the topic should be informative.

3.5. Are prohibited from posting messages that contain calls to a breach of current legislation of Russia, to inflame ethnic and religious hatred, racist speech and everything else that violates the current legislation of Russia. Are prohibited from posting messages that contain coarse, abusive language and insults, in any form, reports, coarse in tone, degrading opponent.

3.6. It is forbidden to publish messages with too many grammatical and / or spelling mistakes or slang words. Prohibited from posting messages, translit. If you do not have the possibility to use Russian font (for example, there is no suitable keyboard layout), it should use the appropriate services.

3.7. Are prohibited from posting the message commercial solicitation (including the request "visit / rate my site") and spam.

3.8. Forbidden excessive quoting (overquoting) - quoting message to a greater extent than is necessary to understand the context.

3.9. In the conduct of the discussion is strictly forbidden: publish false information, edit your own posts in order to distort their original meaning, the transitions at the individual, mutual attacks and others (flame), create messages, do not carry the semantic load (flame), post too often.

4. On the forum moderation

4.1. All members of the administration are exercised control over the individual or all sections of the forum: edit or delete posts, move or close threads, pass notes or warning participants that violate the Rules of the forum, and in case of grave violations - are blocking them.

4.2. Public discussion and evaluation of the actions of the administration are prohibited.

4.3. Forum Administration reserves the right to independently assess nicknames, signatures, avatars, titles, themes and messages for compliance.

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