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Автор Тема: SAMBA2 for QNX 4.25  (Прочитано 24747 раз)
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SAMBA2 for QNX 4.25
(русская версия)

Samba is a software that allows you to access network drives on different operating systems via SMB/CIFS. It has a client and a server. It's free software and released under the GNU GPL.

Samba runs on most Unix-like systems such as Linux, POSIX-compatible Solaris and Mac OS X Server, in various BSD. The SMBfsys manager for the QNX4 implements the client side SMB-protocol. In the QNX6 fs-cifs is used for the same purpose. In OS/2 Samba-client was ported as a plug-in for virtual file system NetDrive.

Installing Samba 2.2.12 in QNX4

To build Samba 2.2.12 for QNX 4.25 you should get the source code from the site http://samba.org , patch for QNX4 and the build script. The building is held under Linux using the OpenWatcom 1.9 compiler. In order not to tire the insignificant details of the building process all required steps were placed into a single script. If you are not planning to build Samba from source code, you can download and install pre-compiled bundle. All download links are located at the bottom of this message.

1. Building

Download the source tarball, patch and build script for QNX4 in one directory and run the command:

$ ./samba-2.2.12-qnx4-build.sh

If the toolchain is configured correctly, a samba-2.2.12-qnx4-bin-YYYYMMDD.tar.gz bundle with executable modules for QNX4 will be created.

2. Installing from the bundle

You have to copy the samba-2.2.12-qnx4-bin-YYYYMMDD.tar.gz bundle to the root directory of QNX4 and launch the following command:

# /etc/install -u samba-2.2.12-qnx4-bin-YYYYMMDD.tar.gz

All components of Samba are installed in /usr/samba, if you want to start programs from the command line, you have to add the path /usr/samba/bin in the PATH environment variable:

# PATH=$PATH:/usr/samba/bin

The smb.conf file is located in the /usr/samba/lib directory, but for convenience during the installation a symlink to this directory is created in the /etc/samba. We suggest you to read Samba documentation and create a /etc/samba/smb.conf file based on the smb.conf.default. Often, changes in default configuration file are not required except for specifying the network interface, such as:

interfaces =

Here is the IP-address of the host on which you run the Samba-server, and 24 -- the subnet mask.

You have to add a Samba user and set a password, for example:

# smbpasswd -a root

Warning: Do not install the system password as the Samba password. Note that the user must exist in the system (exist in /etc/passwd). The user's database is stored in /usr/samba/private.

For convenience, you can run Samba configuration service - SWAT. To do this the following line needs to be written into the /etc/services file:

swat            901/tcp

And in the file /etc/inetd.conf:

swat    stream  tcp     nowait.400  root    /usr/samba/bin/swat swat

You should to restart inetd service. After that, you will be able to configure the Samba server remotely from a browser at http://<hostname>:901, where <hostname> is a name or IP-address system running QNX4 Samba-server.

To launch the Samba server run following commands:

# /usr/samba/bin/smbd -D
# /usr/samba/bin/nmbd -D

If you want to start the Samba after each reboot, these lines should be added into the system configuration file /etc/system/config.<node>.


 - The Samba site
 - Overview in Wikipedia
 - SAMBA3 for QNX (rus.)
 - Setting up the OpenWatcom for QNX4 (rus.)
 - wacc utility (rus.)

Links for QNX4

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