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Автор Тема: VBE3 - VESA functions support driver  (Прочитано 30476 раз)
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VBE3 - VESA functions support driver
(русская версия)

vbe3 driver installs the 10h interrupt handler and allows to call VESA BIOS functions in protected CPU mode according to VBE3 specification. vbe3 has the same functionality as int10 from standard QNX4 distribution, but it supports modern hardware.

This driver could be used in following cases:

1. Porting graphical applications from DOS to QNX RTOS 4.25. In that case there is no need to rewrite graphical part of software, you just need to replace int10 interrupt call function.

2. Work with QNX Windows system on modern video hardware. Unfortunately modern video cards are not supported by QNX Windows drivers. If you need to upgrade hardware, for example, in ACS TP systems based on SCADA RealFlex 4.x, then vbe3 will provide support for modern video controllers. With the help of vbe3 you can run QNX Windows using gr.vesa2 driver from standard distribution. There is also the gr.vbe3 driver developed by our company that supports double buffering technology.

vbe3 driver runs on any that conforms to VBE3 specification and supports protected mode interface. Manufacturers often do not fully provide such interface. In that case loadable BIOS technology is used -- vbe3 driver can load video BIOS from special file.

vbe3 driver allows to set refresh rates different than standard 60 Hz. This possibility is provided by modeline technology. You can set default frequency settings for various video modes in configuration file.

Components included in vbe3 package:

 - vbe3 – VBE3 driver
 - vbe3-test – video adapter test utility
 - vbe3-save – diagnostic utility
 - set of loadable BIOS files
 - set of scan frequency setup utilities
 - documentation (english and russian)

List of loadable BIOS files:

HardwareLoadable BIOS
Chip & Technologies 65548ct65548.bin
nVidia GeForce (*)geforce2.bin
nVidia GeForce 7300GSgf7300gs.bin
nVidia GeForce 9500GTgf9500gt.bin
nVidia GeForce GT210gf210.bin, gf210-asus.bin
Intel Iris Pro 5200 (Tiger System 3I380A)i0f31.bin
Intel Atom Z3700 (Tiger System 3I380D)i0f31v2.bin
Intel Atom E3827 (MPS-12)i0f31mps12.bin
Intel 82815i815.bin
Intel 82845i845.bin
Intel 82845 on Advantech PPC-154Ti845a.bin
Intel 82845 on Advantech PPC-174Ti845ppc174t.bin
Intel 82852GME/82855GMEi852.bin
Intel 82855 for Kontroni855k.bin, i855k2.bin, i855k3.bin, i855k4.bin
Intel 82852M/82855Mi855masus.bin, i855mlg.bin
Intel 82865i865.bin
Intel 82865 on Dell OptiPlex170li865dell.bin
Intel 82865IGi865ig.bin, i865ig2.bin
Intel 82945Gi945.bin
Intel 82945GMEi945gme.bin
Intel 82945GSEi945gse.bin
Intel P962 on Advantix IPC-SYS4-A3iP965a.bin
Intel Q35iQ35.bin
Intel Q45iq45.bin
Intel Q67iQ67.bin
ATI Radeon HD 2400radeon2400.bin
ATI Radeon 9200radeon9200.bin
ATI Radeon 9250radeon9250.bin
ATI Radeon 9550 and 9600radeon9600.bin
ATI Radeon 9800radeon9800.bin
ATI Radeon X200radeonX200.bin
ATI Radeon X550 and X1050radeonX550.bin
ATI Radeon X700radeonX700.bin
nVidia Riva-TNT2riva2.bin
VirtualBox 4.3.20 for Windows and Linuxvb4320.bin
VMWare Workstation 6.0 for Windows and Linuxvmware60.bin
VMWare Workstation 7.0 for Windows and Linuxvmware70.bin
VMWare Workstation 10.0 for Windows and Linuxvmware100.bin

For nVidia GeForce loadable BIOS should be used only if vbe3 terminates with SIGSEGV error. In this case you can also try to load riva2.bin BIOS.

CBD BC can modify vbe3 to provide operational capability on customer's hardware as a part of custom development.
Additional information is available upon request.
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